turtleneck Forever 21 | jeans BDG | boots Rocket Dog/thrifted/modified
sculptures by Jun Kaneko

This post wasn't supposed to happen this way. I worked on a shoot yesterday with five different looks but I wasn't happy with how they turned out except for this one. I was also going to combine it with another set of photos taken inside and now I've decided to separate them and rethink my plan for that one. I've been trying to be more carefree with my photos lately. These ones I wanted to have a grainy black and white feel.

The painted boots were inspired by the ones at the recent Maison Martin Margiela artisanal show for Spring 2013. I've had these boots for a long time and only wore them once to a concert, which they barely made it out of. They're really scuffed and torn up from the cheap imitation leather. I used Krylon spray paint in Chrome and they turned out more shiny and intense than I thought they would. Very similar to the Margiela ones. I love the worn look coated in silver and I hope they crack even more.


  1. Yes the boots are very margiela! I love every single photo, they are so so good.

  2. I have so many broken up fake leather boots that I think my feet only walk post apocalypse times...
    I must come up with a plan to see if I can rock them out as much as you've done here with your silver ones.

    Also the composition and feel of the first photo enamoured me! ♥

    1. It's almost an effortless transformation, a little spray paint makes quite a difference! I already want to do it to more boots, too, haha. And thank you!


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