Crying over the perfection of this bottle. No bottle has ever made me want to try a fragrance as much as this one. I would be okay with never smelling it as long as I was able to photograph it. However, I've had a whiff of it nearly every time I'm at Sephora or Nordstrom and finally decided to cave in and buy it. I've been doing a little spring cleaning with my makeup collection and returned a few lightly used, unsatisfactory products to buy this plus two other products. I also used the 15% off coupon so after that and the store credit, I only had to pay an extra $1.96 for everything. Good deal.

Notes (via Carnation, Wild Mint, Turkish Rose Essence, Hemp Leaves, Vetiver Roots, White Amber

To me, it's heavy and rosy, but the green and mint notes set it apart from the usual floral fragrance. Freshly sprayed, it's very strong and almost nauseating (a good type of nauseating because it smells nice.) Much softer after the dry down but overall, it's still quite bold. It reminds me of something I haven't been able to figure out yet, which makes me like it more. It's kind of weird the same way that (untitled) by Maison Martin Margiela is. I actually wore both of them together and they were a lovely, fitting combination. Definitely recommended for fans of rose fragrances, especially ones looking for something a little different. Hopefully I can pinpoint what it reminds me of, or maybe that'll kill the mystery of it. Still, I'll be using it a lot this spring and summer.


  1. It took me forever to find the tester bottle in store, and once I got my hands on it I kept spraying like a lunatic. It smells sooo good.

    1. Yesss, I rushed to it like no tomorrow whenever I saw it, haha.


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