NYX in Perfect Grey | American Apparel in Factory Grey | Illamasqua in Jo'mina | Kleancolor in Pastel Purple | American Apparel in Malibu Green | Revlon in Posh

This spring has been pretty fun for me when it comes to nails. I feel like I have a consistent theme going on but without repeating myself too much or going too far off track. Manicure phases are the best. Here's what I've been feeling for spring this year, some of these have been used in other recent looks.

Black and white creme polishes are always essential and I use them all the time, but lately I've been incorporating more grey. I chose a nearly neutral one and a slightly cool toned one. When it comes to colors, I'm really liking gaudy, harsh ones that clash with my skin. I think anyone with any skintone can pull off any nail color, but I can see how a color can take over your hands and make your skin look significantly different than usual. It's bold and can appear somewhat surreal. The bright purple shades above almost glow against my skin. I'm wearing Jo'mina in the photos below, although the effect isn't as apparent as in person. The greens are simply to go with the return of green in nature.

CH Nail in #15 | Illamasqua in Load | CH Nail in #13 | American Apparel in Summer Peach | Kleancolor in Pastel Orange | Salon Perfect in Bellini

At the zoo the other day, the albino burmese python and flamingos were my favorites to photograph. I might just really like fluorescent yellow and peachy pinks and oranges. AA's Summer Peach is one of my favorite nail colors ever. Some of these colors definitely go with the gaudy look, the last one is especially intense.

Candy Lacquer in Black Ice | Hard Candy in Black Tie Optional | Dollish Polish in Bazinga! | Candeo Colors in Zef

A few of my favorite toppers for adding a little more depth to a look. The second one is particularly amazing, I used it below in an ombré effect with CH Nail in #13 and #15. I'm always looking for polish with black glitter. Only recently did I pick up a few with color as well.


  1. I love the layout of this post, so neat and visually pleasing <3

    L. Figment

  2. This post is a work of art it self!
    I love the glitter swatches. I've been eager to get J'omina for a while but en up buying radom rain polishes. The glitters an florescent colours seem so fun, I've never tried a shade like CH Nail in #15. In fact I think I don't own any yellow nail polish. Might be time to change that. :)

    1. Thank you. Definitely try out some yellow polish. I think I only have three or so but now that I've tried this one, I'm really liking the yellow! :)


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