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Showing some skin, well, mainly my legs! The amazing Jonny Makeup sent me some goodies from American Apparel (THANK YOU!!!), including this circle top and mesh panel briefs which I chose to wear and style first. This is more of something to wear for swimming or lounging around sweating my ass off in the heat. The briefs are very versatile and I think I'll use it for layering with sheer clothes (like my pleated maxi dress) more than anything. I guess I could pair them with an actual swimsuit top, too, haha.

My mom bought me three of the OCC stained gloss lip tars (Androgyne, Jealous, Voyeur) for my birthday which I've been dying to try. I'm wearing Jealous, a coral red color which fades into a pinker coral. They're definitely different from the original formula since they have more of a gloss feel and look, fade faster, and don't stain as much. At least, so far with the two I've tried, they don't stain any more than the original formula. I might've hyped over them too much when they first came out, but they're still awesome. I might do a comparison with other stain/gloss products soon.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Coastal Scents Hot Pots in Brownstone
Givenchy Eye Fly Mascara in Black

OCC lip tar in Jealous

Hot Topic in untitled hot pink (it's from yearsss ago, I don't think they sell it anymore sadly)
American Apparel in Malibu Green
Revlon top coat

Press Sample


  1. These photos all look like stills from a really good Japanese horror movie.

  2. Great photos! That lip color looks gorgeous on you!


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