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I've been playing with two different makeup techniques lately, which I've actually tried many times before for fun and with no intention to wear casually, but I really like how my last few looks have turned out.

My upper lip is thin in comparison to my bottom one so I thought I'd try to carefully and slightly overdraw it. I like using OCC lip tar for it the most since it's easy to use and doesn't bleed on the skin like I thought it would.

My eyebrows usually have the same treatment, sometimes I mix it up but it's probably not enough for others to even notice. I tried two tone brows with blue and brown and really liked it (I need to shoot that look some day) so I tried it with my usual brown and a slightly lighter, more neutral one. It's only subtly applied on the beginnings and ends of my brows. It looks softer and I'm surprised at how much I like it. Will the love last? We'll see, haha.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Coastal Scents Hot Pots in Brownstone
Givenchy Eye Fly Mascara in Black

OCC lip tar in Stalker

American Apparel in Neon Blue
Revlon top coat

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