Orly has quickly become one of my favorite nail polish brands of the moment, although I really need to try more from them. The formula is perfect with what I've tried so far. Orly's Frolic is a neon fuchsia creme color. Not quite pink and not quite violet. It's like a nail polish version of OCC's Hoochie lip tar. I also discovered it's among the most vivid colors in my collection under black light. It's amazing. I'm wearing two coats of Frolic with American Apparel's Matte Top Coat*.

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  1. Love the water effect. I am so jealous of how long your nails are getting! Mine won't even get to half of that length without breaking :(

    1. Thank you. Mine break often, too! Although it's mostly on my right hand. I mend them with nail glue if I can, haha.


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