On my lips, I'm wearing Goodness Graycious by Limnit Lipsticks. I found out about this new indie brand through Portrait of Mai - one of my favorite blogs! Mai's also one of the few bloggers who actually influences me to buy (or not buy) products. There aren't enough blogs that make me want anything these days, haha. Anyway, I bought a sample jar set with three colors: Goodness Graycious, League of My Own, and Bewitching Hour. I've only worn Goodness Graycious so far but the others swatch beautifully and I'm definitely going to try them out soon.

I'm having a hard time describing Goodness Graycious. Is it grey, lavender, or taupe? I'm just going to say it's a mixture of all three. It looks really grey in the photos, as if I desaturated it, but that's how it looks in the jar and on my lips in person. I think the way my lip color shows through in the less opaque areas makes it look more lavender. The swatch photo in the shop looks more taupe with brown tones. I thought NYX's lip pencil in 1000 Years would be similar since it looks almost exactly like the official swatch, but Goodness Graycious is much less saturated and slightly darker. Whatever color it is, I really like it!

Application is a little tough because of how solid the lipstick is. I scrape it out with one of my nails and onto my hand to warm and loosen up with a lip brush. It can have a few tiny chunks if it's not completely worked through. I think it would be less wasteful and easier to use with the tube of lipstick. I'm using it from a jar, so I can't complain too much.

Formula-wise, it's semi-matte and non-drying with lip balm underneath. It reminds me of a less matte version of Illamasqua's lipstick. It wears well and comfortably but it fades and kind of clumps up in areas closest to the opening of my mouth after 3-4 hours. Nothing too bad. I do wish it were slightly more opaque since I feel like I use a lot for this amount of coverage but there are still some areas of my lips that peek through. One more thing I want to note is the smell, which is like cheap creme makeup except less powdery and not as overbearing. I used to really hate that smell when I was younger and used Halloween makeup sets but now I oddly like it.

Overall, I really like this lipstick despite the application and slight fading. The color, along with the two other samples, is unique to my lip collection. I'm looking forward to what Limnit Lipsticks has to bring and hoping they continue to make interesting colors!

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Coastal Scents Hot Pots in Timeless Taupe and Ash Grey
Sugarpill pressed eyeshadow in Bulletproof
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black
Elf clear mascara
Smashbox lipgloss in Crystal

Limnit Lipsticks in Goodness Graycious

Orly Top 2 Bottom (base coat)
Orly in White Tips
NYC in Grand Central Station (top coat)

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  1. I am now wishing I hadn't spent the last of the money I had allotted for makeup already... That lipstick looks fantastic! I have a weird lipstick obsession. My current favourite is a dark navy blue from Impulse Cosmetics.

    1. It is fantastic! Maybe you can try something from them whenever you have the money, it would be worth the wait. :) It's funny you mention Impulse Cosmetics because that's a brand Portrait of Mai has influenced me not to buy from. They stole images from another indie cosmetics company (Fyrinnae) to use as their own and it makes me question their ethics.

  2. Really nice color! It looks really nice and not sickly like other grey lip colors!

    1. Thanks, I agree! Many other grey lipsticks tend to be too light/bright.


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