Happy Halloween! My annual Halloween shoot is a bit smaller this year since I've been so busy with other projects. There are only two looks, the first being the crystal devil look I talked about in my last post. Then, a look inspired by the movie Showgirls and the Goddess character, specifically the parts where they show a scene with Cristal as Goddess, then Nomi as Goddess and how the makeup and the way the scenes are set up to be similar, etc. Very shiny, very sparkly. My mom said my face looked like plastic in the Showgirls look, it was strange how much it actually did. I think it was just a lucky day of having non-oily skin and not having to use much powder. I'm not listing the products I used because I'm evil and lazy.


I wore crystals all over my face to a party as a crystallized devil - complete with horns, a vintage dress that has metal, spherical buttons down the front and is moth-eaten to hell, and shiny faux leather, thigh high platforms. I shot photos that night but wanted to use natural lighting with a different outfit so I slept in it. It wasn't the most pleasant experience but worth it! I planned on including these with my Halloween shoot but I like them on their own. For the look, I used 1200+ Crystazzi (knockoff Swarovski) crystals and a ton of eyelash glue. It took six hours to apply.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong with the title.


coat, shirt, fur vintage/secondhand | pants Silence + Noise | boots Maison Martin Margiela

Remember the dead mall I shot at last year? It closed yesterday, but I had an impromptu shoot there a few days prior. The theatre will remain open, right by where I shot these (obviously), and I don't think that part will be closed off but it was the one place I wanted to shoot the first time and I shot there this time anyway.

If it weren't for my boots, I think my outfit would total up to probably no more than $15. The shirt was $1.50, you can't really tell but it has ridiculous 60s/70s prints on it, then the pants were like on super sale a few years ago, the coat was a birthday gift from my favorite vintage shop, and the fur was like $6 I think? My closet is hideous and somewhat colorful now from all my secondhand shopping. Fur and leather season is creeping up and well, my wishlist is far-fetched regarding fur... don't get me started.

I'm busy as hell lately with other projects but I've managed to do a few things for The Style Con, be sure to check them out:
Nail Art Inspo: Prints at Valentino Fall 2014
The Return of the Nineties Lip


My makeup has been pretty tame lately, but I've been using NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams a lot. My current favorites are Buenos Aires and Cairo, I'm wearing the latter here. I don't have any other matte lip products in such a pale, almost chalky, nude color and while it can be a little drying, I still like it. As for the red eyes, it's obviously created in Photoshop and an effect I've been meaning to try.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Timeless Taupe
Sugarpill pressed eyeshadow in Bulletproof
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cairo

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I was very excited when Oracle asked me to shoot some of their items recently! My obsession with preserved animals and such began a few years ago and I was ecstatic when this shop opened a while back! The thought of shooting with their items was like one of my dream shoots and I'm very thankful they let me borrow such awesome critters (and critter parts) to make it a reality. I'm not quite happy with a few of my photos since they didn't turn out how I wanted (as with 99% of my shoots), but it was very fun to shoot and, well, also a little terrifying in a way that I might accidentally destroy something, haha.

The items from Oracle I shot are (by shot #): ram head (1, 19, 20), ostrich skulls (2, 7), mummified monkey head (3, 6), starling wings (5), alligator skull (8, 12), peacock feathers (9), alligator claw (10), tarantula hawk wasp (11), elk cow pelvis (13), sea fan (14), yak calf pelt (15), atlas moth (16), badger, bobcat, coyote, fox, and beaver spines (17, 25), silver fox pelt (18, 22, 23).

The title Il Sogno simply means The Dream in Italian because I'm obsessed with Italian (specifically Italian movies from the 60s and 70s) lately. Everything I'm wearing, aside from my Margiela tabi boots, is vintage from the 60s and 70s. Two of the dresses are from Re-Runs and the jacket I'm wearing in the photo with the pelvis was a birthday gift from my friend Ross. The blush in the photo with the tarantula hawk is the Lilac blush by Little Sparrow Cosmetics, the Swarovski crystals are worn over Stoplight Red lipstick by Wet n Wild, and the matte, peachy lips are Buenos Aires soft matte lip creme by NYX. The spherical ponytail hair was inspired by Valentino Fall 2014 RTW and styled by my mom.


Two of my not-so-boring summer manicures. Everything else has either been a simple French manicure or ugly colors like pink or olive. The first photos were taken after around two weeks of application, hence the obvious nail growth. The pain-in-the-butt-to-remove glitter was well worth it and lasted forever while still looking good. The second look is my current manicure that I wanted to throw together after several weeks of tame nails. It burns my eyes to look at and even glows in the dark - success.

Orly Top 2 Bottom (base coat)
American Apparel in Factory Grey
Orly in Tiara
NYC in Grand Central Station (top coat)

Orly Top 2 Bottom (base coat)
CH Nail in #13
Sally Hansen in Mellow Yellow
China Glaze in Kalahari Kiss
American Apparel in Palm Springs
Sally Hansen in Pink Blink
Revlon in Flirt
American Apparel in Neon Red
American Apparel in Glow in the Dark * (top coat)
NYC in Grand Central Station (top coat)

Press Sample


Finallllly a new shoot. I've been busy lately with all kinds of stuff, like I shot backstage at the West 18th Street Fashion Show recently, and I'm starting several other projects. My birthday was on the 25th. I didn't do much other than go thrifting and vintage clothes shopping, but my mom did buy me the Lonely Lingerie bra above. I guess I just exhausted myself every single day I shot this by gluing each and every one of those goddamn eyelashes on individually. I don't even want to think about it. The whole month of June is just a blur to me.

Main references and inspiration: 1960s-1970s, Aquirax Uno, Amanda Lear, David Bowie, the cover art for Bram Stoker's Heavy Rock Spectacular, Tina Aumont, John Kacere, the film Belladonna of Sadness, various giallo and Euro-horror movies, various art published in Oz Magazine, etc.

Clothing: lip print underwear American Apparel, rose print dress vintage from Vintage Vogue, black and silver jumpsuit vintage/thrifted, metal shoes vintage Pleaser, floral pants vintage from Vintage Vogue, muscle tank Forever 21, polyurethane overall dress vintage/thrifted, bodysuit Forever 21, bra Lonely Lingerie from Birdies


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