polyurethane pants off brand/thrifted | socks Ashi Dashi | faux leather shoes off brand/thrifted

Late last year, I was looking all over the internet for new shoes. I wanted ones with a high platform and kind of chunky look yet narrow shape. No luck. I found these recently at a thrift store and they're not quite what I was looking for then but I like them. They're actually kind of ugly and clunky. It adds charm, I guess. Quality-wise, there were scratches and the usual wear from faux leather but I fixed them up and they look somewhat better. Not too bad for $7.99.

I've been trying to play with small details and accessories in my style lately. Another reason I wanted new shoes was to have some low enough that my socks could show. My polyurethane pants are slightly cropped so I wanted something to wear with them too. They look shorter here and expose the socks more since I'm bending, but the look isn't quite as loud otherwise.


  1. The socks! The shoes! I'm in love!

  2. Clunky shoes are my weakness and I'm obsessed with your socks (I'm obsessed with eyes). just scrolled through your blog. it's amazing and you're stunning x

    1. I have a weakness for them, too! I've worn clunky shoes since I was a little kid, haha. And thank you!


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