For some odd reason, I've been leaning towards pink-tinged makeup lately. These are borderline red, I know, but still simply, oh-so-slightly pink-tinged to me. I've only used pink a handful of times before since I didn't care for it but now I'm starting to lighten up to certain pinks. Maybe it's because I like the somewhat 'sickly' look on my eyes and some pinks can create natural tones similar to ones my body can make. That's why I've really liked matte neutrals in the past year or so and I've also played with colors to imitate bruising or being tired. It's fun to pair the rough eyes with bold lips and see how much it can take 'sickly' to a different level.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Tuscany
Detrivore Cosmetics eyeshadow in Coffin
Sugarpill pressed eyeshadow in Bulletproof
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black
Elf clear mascara

NYX matte lipstick in Bloody Mary

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lamb fur coat thrifted/vintage | cashmere sweater thrifted/offbrand | jeans BDG | boots Maison Martin Margiela

The more I thrift and shop for vintage furs, the more I want to find furs that are out of the ordinary. I encounter faux and rabbit fur the most, then mink and fox here and there. Sometimes they're awesome and I buy them, but it's exciting to find furs that aren't any of those, like when I came across a kangaroo hide and leopard fur collar at an antique store. I guess those are the more extreme examples. The other day, I was really excited to find not one, but two lamb fur coats!

I love the usual thrift stores I go to, although sometimes out of curiosity I check out ones I've never been to. Recently, my mom and I went to several in one day and none of them were anything special except the first store. It was a cluttered mess and everything was smashed in circular racks. I couldn't flip through clothes as I usually do so I only ripped out whatever stood out, if I could even get a grip on it. My first find was an ugly blue denim coat with very light peach mongolian lamb fur trim but I knew right when I saw it that it was reversible. I hadn't looked at any prices at the store before this so I was expecting something high since it was a mongolian lamb fur coat, but it was only $6.98. I didn't even try it on, it was mine.

My next find was the coat I'm wearing here. It was behind the counter and I first thought it might have been goat, but it's shearling lamb. I also thought the price tag said $9.98 but it was $99.96. Luckily it was 50% off that day. I thought it was worth a try, even though it's still a little expensive for a thrift store. I tried it on in this little mirror across the store and it looked cute so I went for it. I love the little details, like the strip of dark fur on the collar, the diamond shaped zipper pull, and worn leather sleeves. Of course the fur is really lovely as well!

Other details include my hair being tucked into my shirt and NYX matte lipstick in Butter on my lips. I just tried it and really love the formula of that line so far. Also, I'm going to try and take more outfit photos since I have more room to shoot now. And maybe I should try not to cut off my head like in the second shot, haha. Then again, that was a test shot...


Illamasqua lipstick in Posture | Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tar in Sebastian | Limnit Lipsticks lipstick in Goodness Graycious | Melt Cosmetics lipstick in Space Cake | Illamasqua lipstick in Apocalips | Limnit Lipsticks lipstick in League of My Own

My collection of lip products is always growing and all but one of these are new to me in the past few months. I thought some of these might be very similar when it comes to color, but they're all much more different than I expected. I guess this isn't much of a comparison. In my other comparison posts, some products are very interchangeable like slight variations among reds, but I don't think I could replace any of these with each other color-wise. I'll just write a short review (and one that's a bit long) for each and hopefully this will be helpful to others thinking these colors might've been similar like I originally did or those just looking for a specific lip color. Lip swatches are included after the cut, note that I have neutral undertones.

Illamasqua lipstick in Posture is a cool-toned, chalky lavender with a matte finish. This is much more drying than Illamasqua's usual lipstick formula, which I find to be a quite drying on my lips anyway. It's slightly better if I wear and mix it with lip balm, but not by much. It appears creamier in the lip swatch after the cut because it's freshly applied, but it dries down a lot chalkier and clumps off after about two hours of wear. It's way too expensive of a lipstick to be this complicated. I wouldn't recommend this unless you absolutely have to have the color and you're willing to deal with the fussiness.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tar in Sebastian is a slightly mauve, grey-ish taupe with a semi-matte finish. Out of the 30+ lip tars I own, this is top 5 material. The formula is fantastic and ideal for a lip tar, plus the color is interesting and unique. It doesn't stain and would be easy to work with as a first lip tar since it's forgiving and won't create too much of a mess if you over or under apply it. Plus, it's great for mixing and toning down the intensity other lip products. I can't think of one negative thing to say about it. I should note that I always prep my lips by exfoliating and using lip balm before applying lip tar, but I don't consider that a bad thing.

Limnit Lipsticks lipstick in Goodness Graycious is a medium grey-ish taupe with a semi-matte finish and looks slightly lavender on the lips. I reviewed this more in depth here. Overall, it's non-drying with lip balm and wears comfortably but slightly fades nearest to the opening of the mouth. I've worn this several more times since then and love it more every time I wear it. Since my first review, I've tried using a tiny bit more lip balm and applying more of the lipstick and it wears almost perfectly.

Melt Cosmetics lipstick in Space Cake is a slightly steel blue, cool-toned grey with a matte finish. I've been waiting months to try this lipstick after seeing this photo of Rihanna wearing what seems to be the same shade, maybe with something else mixed in or lining her lips. In other photos, it seems quite teal so I thought it would be similar to Illamasqua's Apocalips, but it's not at all.

It applies super creamy but dries down matte. The first time I wore this, I didn't prep my lips as usual. It was forgiving on the dry spots of my lips since I didn't exfoliate enough, but it felt very drying and accentuated imperfections the longer I wore it. It faded and clumped nearest to the opening of my mouth after an hour and I had to take it off since it kept getting in my mouth. I wore it again with my lips prepped with more lip balm than usual and after a few hours of wearing it, I really liked it. It was still drying, but not too uncomfortable, and it still clumped, but after several more hours than the first try. The only thing I dislike about the lipstick itself is the smell, which I can't describe any better than the dog chew toy aisle at a pet store. That's exactly it to me, although my mom says it just smells like cheap lipstick. Luckily it fades within the first hour of wear.

I originally wanted try to more shades, but I had a hard enough time justifying one lipstick since the total with shipping came to around $26. That's really pricey for one lipstick from an indie brand that's so new to the game. But guess what? They're popular as fuck on Instagram. There's no way they're going to rethink or lower the price of the lipstick. I don't blame them. The lipsticks are consistently sold out and most of them were restocked recently for the first time in months. Some people treat them as if they were limited edition MAC lipsticks and there's been such a shitstorm. There's no doubt they would buy them if the prices were even higher. Melt Cosmetics hit it big really soon for an indie brand and I'm pretty fascinated by it. I'll probably wait for them to make a color I really love to justify the price before I buy anything else.

Illamasqua lipstick in Apocalips is a medium blueish teal with a matte finish. This is also more drying than Illamasqua's usual formula, but nowhere near as bad as Posture. It's fine and long lasting on me as long as I wear enough lip balm underneath. This is one of my favorite lipsticks ever, mostly for the color. It can be difficult to work with if you're inexperienced and I only recommend it if you're familiar with adjusting to drier, matte formulas.

Limnit Lipsticks lipstick in League of My Own is a vivid teal with a semi-matte finish. The formula is very consistent with Goodness Gracious. I love how vibrant it stays the entire time, unlike other products which slowly lose vibrancy after a few hours. I only have sample sizes at the moment, but I plan on picking up full sizes of several shades from Limnit Lipsticks when they're available.




It's been a long time coming, I finally did a doppelgänger themed shoot.

You don't want to know how long everything took, but I guess my absence from posting kind of gives some idea. I'd like to note that I was completely alone while shooting and there were no stand-ins or anything. For some shots, it was very easy to set up and edit together, but for others like the eyeball licking one, the angles had to be just right. There's so much Photoshop going on... It was really fun. I seem to always have the best happy accidents and discover new effects in ways I wouldn't have tried otherwise. I feel like I'm pretty good with post-processing and retouching, but this shoot really helped refine my skills when it comes to the extreme details and colors/tones.

Main references and inspiration: Suehiro Maruo and eyeball licking, Miu Miu Spring 2013 RTW and its campaign, along with its inspiration from the film Red Desert, the hair headbands at John Galliano Fall 2001 RTW, the words written under eyes at Tao Fall 2008 RTW with my version using a quote from the film El Topo, Björk photographed by Andrea Giacobbe, the horsetail shoulder piece that Marilyn Manson wore during the Holy Wood era, the film Christiane F., and films by Gaspar Noé. Plus, lots of musical inspiration from David Bowie's Station to Station, Heroes, and Low, and Thomas Bangalter's soundtrack for Irréversible. The title of this post is a slightly modified version of a quote by Alfred Hitchcock.

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