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The more I thrift and shop for vintage furs, the more I want to find furs that are out of the ordinary. I encounter faux and rabbit fur the most, then mink and fox here and there. Sometimes they're awesome and I buy them, but it's exciting to find furs that aren't any of those, like when I came across a kangaroo hide and leopard fur collar at an antique store. I guess those are the more extreme examples. The other day, I was really excited to find not one, but two lamb fur coats!

I love the usual thrift stores I go to, although sometimes out of curiosity I check out ones I've never been to. Recently, my mom and I went to several in one day and none of them were anything special except the first store. It was a cluttered mess and everything was smashed in circular racks. I couldn't flip through clothes as I usually do so I only ripped out whatever stood out, if I could even get a grip on it. My first find was an ugly blue denim coat with very light peach mongolian lamb fur trim but I knew right when I saw it that it was reversible. I hadn't looked at any prices at the store before this so I was expecting something high since it was a mongolian lamb fur coat, but it was only $6.98. I didn't even try it on, it was mine.

My next find was the coat I'm wearing here. It was behind the counter and I first thought it might have been goat, but it's shearling lamb. I also thought the price tag said $9.98 but it was $99.96. Luckily it was 50% off that day. I thought it was worth a try, even though it's still a little expensive for a thrift store. I tried it on in this little mirror across the store and it looked cute so I went for it. I love the little details, like the strip of dark fur on the collar, the diamond shaped zipper pull, and worn leather sleeves. Of course the fur is really lovely as well!

Other details include my hair being tucked into my shirt and NYX matte lipstick in Butter on my lips. I just tried it and really love the formula of that line so far. Also, I'm going to try and take more outfit photos since I have more room to shoot now. And maybe I should try not to cut off my head like in the second shot, haha. Then again, that was a test shot...

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