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My favorite look + outtakes from my anti-surveillance makeup shoot for The Style Con, go check it out! I'm so excited to be a contributor on The Style Con now. This is my second story, the first being about The Irony of Natural Beauty. It's something I've talked about on here several times, but it's nice to have it in one place like a loose guideline.

This was actually my least favorite look while shooting. I'd gone into it without any thought, unlike the others where I'd planned them out, and just whipped on makeup, threw hair over face, and put on a fur coat. Somehow I ended up loving the photos!

WolfeFX Hydrocolor in White and Pink
Mehron color cup in Red

Orly Top 2 Bottom (base coat)
American Apparel in Palm Springs
NYC in Grand Central Station (top coat)


My first fragrance purchase in what feels like forever (okay, almost a year) is Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black, which is simply made up of sandalwood, vanilla, and violet. It's nothing new, but it's lovely on its own and simple enough to layer with other fragrances without clashing. Violet notes usually smell like a powdery mess on me. With this fragrance, the sandalwood and vanilla are the most prominent notes while the violet lingers. It's never harsh or overly powdery. Vanilla works well with my body chemistry, usually pulling more sweet than anything, and it's a nice balance with the sandalwood. The lasting power and sillage could be better, but overall I really like it. The packaging is beautiful and simple as well, it reminds me of a lighter. I love how Nirvana Black looks alongside Nirvana White, which I hope to have a bottle of some day.


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