The more my nails grow, the more of a pain in the ass they become to paint. They've been pretty boring in the past few months, just solid neutral colors slopped on, but I'm starting to have a little more fun now. For this, I used Orly's Top2Bottom as a base coat, then American Apparel's Hassid and their matte top coat* with a "fuck you" charm from Hex Nail Jewelry. Somewhat reminiscent of Lindsay's Lohan's "fuck u" nail, right?

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  1. Love the simplicity and I really want to get my hands on some of those hex charms they look so cool!


  2. I really adore your blog and your photos, but why would someone have that long nails? On the one hand, it's unnaturally looking, on the other, I imagine it to be really hard to "handle" them in daily life. Of course, everybody is allowed to live in his/her prefered way, but I'm just interested.
    I guess I'm just jealous bc my nails break so easily ;)
    BTW I like this cute little charm. I first thought it says "Fuck YOLO" which would be even funnier :D

    1. It's funny that sometimes they're considered unnaturally long or just unnatural in general when I'm not cutting them. I mean, trimming could make nails unnaturally short when they could otherwise keep growing, right? Haha. :) I'm mostly right-handed so currently the nails on my right hand are in the ~1 inch length because they tend to break more easily and my left hand has nails in the ~2 length since I use it less. I've been growing (and breaking) my nails for years so I'm used to them and many of the things I can't do are ones I usually don't need to do, like wear gloves or put my hands into closed fists. They just feel like extended fingers most of the time, haha.

      Thanks, and it does kind of look like that!

  3. this is such a perfect/badass look
    makes me think of having a leather jacket with a "fuck you" patch on the back"
    love it!


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