Finallllly a new shoot. I've been busy lately with all kinds of stuff, like I shot backstage at the West 18th Street Fashion Show recently, and I'm starting several other projects. My birthday was on the 25th. I didn't do much other than go thrifting and vintage clothes shopping, but my mom did buy me the Lonely Lingerie bra above. I guess I just exhausted myself every single day I shot this by gluing each and every one of those goddamn eyelashes on individually. I don't even want to think about it. The whole month of June is just a blur to me.

Main references and inspiration: 1960s-1970s, Aquirax Uno, Amanda Lear, David Bowie, the cover art for Bram Stoker's Heavy Rock Spectacular, Tina Aumont, John Kacere, the film Belladonna of Sadness, various giallo and Euro-horror movies, various art published in Oz Magazine, etc.

Clothing: lip print underwear American Apparel, rose print dress vintage from Vintage Vogue, black and silver jumpsuit vintage/thrifted, metal shoes vintage Pleaser, floral pants vintage from Vintage Vogue, muscle tank Forever 21, polyurethane overall dress vintage/thrifted, bodysuit Forever 21, bra Lonely Lingerie from Birdies


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