Two of my not-so-boring summer manicures. Everything else has either been a simple French manicure or ugly colors like pink or olive. The first photos were taken after around two weeks of application, hence the obvious nail growth. The pain-in-the-butt-to-remove glitter was well worth it and lasted forever while still looking good. The second look is my current manicure that I wanted to throw together after several weeks of tame nails. It burns my eyes to look at and even glows in the dark - success.

Orly Top 2 Bottom (base coat)
American Apparel in Factory Grey
Orly in Tiara
NYC in Grand Central Station (top coat)

Orly Top 2 Bottom (base coat)
CH Nail in #13
Sally Hansen in Mellow Yellow
China Glaze in Kalahari Kiss
American Apparel in Palm Springs
Sally Hansen in Pink Blink
Revlon in Flirt
American Apparel in Neon Red
American Apparel in Glow in the Dark * (top coat)
NYC in Grand Central Station (top coat)

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