I was very excited when Oracle asked me to shoot some of their items recently! My obsession with preserved animals and such began a few years ago and I was ecstatic when this shop opened a while back! The thought of shooting with their items was like one of my dream shoots and I'm very thankful they let me borrow such awesome critters (and critter parts) to make it a reality. I'm not quite happy with a few of my photos since they didn't turn out how I wanted (as with 99% of my shoots), but it was very fun to shoot and, well, also a little terrifying in a way that I might accidentally destroy something, haha.

The items from Oracle I shot are (by shot #): ram head (1, 19, 20), ostrich skulls (2, 7), mummified monkey head (3, 6), starling wings (5), alligator skull (8, 12), peacock feathers (9), alligator claw (10), tarantula hawk wasp (11), elk cow pelvis (13), sea fan (14), yak calf pelt (15), atlas moth (16), badger, bobcat, coyote, fox, and beaver spines (17, 25), silver fox pelt (18, 22, 23).

The title Il Sogno simply means The Dream in Italian because I'm obsessed with Italian (specifically Italian movies from the 60s and 70s) lately. Everything I'm wearing, aside from my Margiela tabi boots, is vintage from the 60s and 70s. Two of the dresses are from Re-Runs and the jacket I'm wearing in the photo with the pelvis was a birthday gift from my friend Ross. The blush in the photo with the tarantula hawk is the Lilac blush by Little Sparrow Cosmetics, the Swarovski crystals are worn over Stoplight Red lipstick by Wet n Wild, and the matte, peachy lips are Buenos Aires soft matte lip creme by NYX. The spherical ponytail hair was inspired by Valentino Fall 2014 RTW and styled by my mom.


  1. Great, great, great! I love the red lips, they're gorgeous! And all these skulls... a wonderful and abstract work. I really admire it!

  2. If you need Italian lessons, feel free to ask :D
    You'd be perfect in a vintage movie from 70's :>

  3. Ridiculously beautiful photos, bravo! X

  4. Just when I thought you had outdone yourself... You keep making magic! ♥


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