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Remember the dead mall I shot at last year? It closed yesterday, but I had an impromptu shoot there a few days prior. The theatre will remain open, right by where I shot these (obviously), and I don't think that part will be closed off but it was the one place I wanted to shoot the first time and I shot there this time anyway.

If it weren't for my boots, I think my outfit would total up to probably no more than $15. The shirt was $1.50, you can't really tell but it has ridiculous 60s/70s prints on it, then the pants were like on super sale a few years ago, the coat was a birthday gift from my favorite vintage shop, and the fur was like $6 I think? My closet is hideous and somewhat colorful now from all my secondhand shopping. Fur and leather season is creeping up and well, my wishlist is far-fetched regarding fur... don't get me started.

I'm busy as hell lately with other projects but I've managed to do a few things for The Style Con, be sure to check them out:
Nail Art Inspo: Prints at Valentino Fall 2014
The Return of the Nineties Lip

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